Hot Off the Press – “My Life at IBM” by Omar Harvey

Just published today is the fascinating autobiography of  retired IBMer Omar Harvey’s illustrious IBM career. Omar Harvey joined IBM as an operator in the Service Bureau in San Antonio and moved through the ranks to World Headquarters. Working directly with Thomas J. Watson, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Directors, Omar gained an unusual insight into the company. He says that many will doubt some of the events told in the book, but they happened exactly as published.

Carl Sebring hired Omar into IBM in San Antonio in 1948; Carl lives in Sedona, AZ and they still talk almost every week.  The book is dedicated to Carl, Omar’s faithful wife of 73 years, Dorothy, and his good friend Dede Casad. Omar and Dorothy have two daughters, six married grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

Omar would like to thank all of you IBMers for your great service. As he told me, “I’ll always be one at heart, they made my life, as you will understand when you read the book.”

You can order “My Life at IBM” by Omar Harvey from at the following url: Or you can order directly from the publisher at:

Happy reading! Thank you, Omar, for sharing your incredible story with all of us!



  1. Ralph Doherty says:

    Thanks for the memories – I thoroughly enjoyed reading Omar’s book and recalling those bygone days of B.O 120. Passed the book to Bill Wesson, of San Antonio B.O. heritage, and he, too, enjoyed the stories. As a young IBMer Omar was a “larger than life” presence at 2911, and his influence spread well beyond his knowledge.

    Ralph Doherty (63-93)

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