Medicare Reimbursement for IBM Retirees-Reminder

If you retired from IBM PRIOR to December 31, 1996, this is just a yearly reminder that you need a Special Health Assistance Provision (SHAP) Reimbursement Request Form to apply for Medicare reimbursement. Acclaris is the administrator and you can reach them at 1-888-880-2775 to request the appropriate form.


  1. Susie L. Houser says:


  2. mary b. tuure says:

    did not recieved our 2012 reimbursement check for 2012 please

  3. i need SHAP forms

  4. Donald Judd says:

    when should I receive the check for the 3rd quarter 2914 ? The shap form was mailed the first week in July.
    Donald Judd IBM serial # 349740

  5. Kim Lansford says:

    Donald, I am a spouse who gets SHAP payments. Feel free to email me your question. I now fax in my form and receive the payments via direct deposit.

  6. Jim Alves says:

    Dear Sirs,
    How and when were IBM retirees made aware of this benefit. My father in law retired in 1989 and has since passed. I learned about this while helping my mother in law file for long term care reimbursement through an ancillary policy my father in law bought for her. I have been successful in getting her the reimbursement for 2013, but earlier claims for 2012 have been denied (based on the summary plan description?).
    Any comments or assistance would be greatly appreciated?
    Thank you,
    Jim Alves (Son in law William Heath, IBM San Ramon, CA, retiree, deceased)

  7. Kim Lansford says:

    I don’t know how IBMer’s ever learned about SHAP. But in the current Summary Plan Description it gives the info. Tried to post PDF but couldn’t get that to work. I get SHAP due to disability. I know there is a deadline for when to file for it.

    Some info for Acclaris who processes this for IBM., phone 1-888-880-2775, M-F 8-8 ET. ax 813 849 6570. My advice, sign up for direct deposit and fax your form to them. I use a service called Ring Central to fax like email and I get an email confirm of the fax and when the payment is processed.

    I think you can get the form and info on the IBM Benefits site if you have access to that.

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